"Monet Goes POP"

at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Projection Mapping Art Installation

Dave Gordon has long been fascinated by what he calls “Iterative collaboration” in which artists, who have never interacted, collaborate over time and space. Tonight’s projection mapping installation is an example of iterative collaboration which spans more than a century and two continents. For centuries artists have been directly referring to the work of artists before them. For example, Roy Lichtenstein’s artworks on exhibit here at Selby Gardens represent iterations of Monet’s Water Lilies.

The Process

Paying homage to Roy Liechtenstein and Claude Monet, for this installation, I have collaborated with the artists listed above, as well as a multitude of international digital artists. Incorporated into the projected installations, he has manipulated and collaged together raw and stock footage, photographs and illustrations, digital renderings, and my own unique artwork.


About Dave Gordon

Dave Gordon is a new media and tech artist working with sculpture, digital photography, animation, electronically mediated interactivity, and projection mapping, separately and in combination. His work is rooted in notions of collage and assemblage of found objects and concerns itself with technological issues past and present. He is co-owner of Enlightened Monkey Arts, a sarasota arts company specializing in bring Tech Art to events, museum, festivals and galleries.