Event Services

Enlightened Monkey Arts can bring the Wow to your next event

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Event Decor

Tech Art for Your Next Event

Have Enlightened Monkey Arts provide atmosphere and interactive entertainment for your next event. Many of our artists’ major works are available to rent for special events and parties. Rental includes set up, take down ,and free delivery within ten miles of our storage facility in Sarasota. Pricing varies. (Extra fees are assessed for longer distances)

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Light up your special night with Enlightened Monkey Arts  Custom designed art, gateways, centerpieces, guest name badges, pins, party favors etc. Customers may choose from our pre-existing Tech Art products or work with us to design products unique to their event. Pricing Varies.



Designing Spectacular

Contract with Enlightened Monkey Arts to provide expertise in designing,  managing, and marketing  your special event or festival. We approach every project with meticulous attention to detail and  precision. Regardless of size and scope, we treat your event as a business with clear strategic goals, defined milestones, and a comprehensive plan to ensure that your event is delivered on time and on budget. Most importantly, we put your organization first. We learn about your business, we focus on your challenges, and we plan events to support your goals.

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Make Tech Art

Your Guest / Visitors Can  Create Tech Art

We bring the parts, you make the arts!Guided by an Enlightened Monkey STEAM educator, Participants  have fun exercising their creative muscles while exploring cutting edge electronics. After assembling a base product with LED(s) and batteries, participants visit the smogaborg counter and adorn their product with a variety of gems, stickers, feathers, 3D objects, ribbons, and other items making it their own. Base products may include masks, hats, headbands, pins, tie tacks, and barrettes, etc.  The DIY Interactive Tech Art Kiosk is a great addition to any celebration, and it can be theme specific.  I.E. holiday, birthday, wedding, corporate function, etc.

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Projection Mapping

Enlightened Your  Venue With a College of Light

Have Enlightened Monkey Arts create a site specific video projection on a three dimensional surface for your next event. We can create a custom video to be displayed on objects as big as the side of a building or as small as a vase. Past projections have been exhibited on wedding cakes, shallow water, buildings, vases, interior walls, etc. Site-specific video projections can be extremely attention-getting and bring the Wow to any event.