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Innovative Learning


Photo Safari

Age: 8 to adult (children 15 and under must be accompanied by adult)

(3 hours) All photographers regardless of skill level need to take pictures to improve.  Fortunately taking photos is heaps of fun and this safari is designed to maximize your learning while celebrating the joy of taking pictures. In this workshop you will explore and photograph a “photolicious” natural or urban environment in or around Sarasota.  Following a short instructional presentation you will be challenged to use your camera to document and explore. At all times the instructor will be available to answer questions help you solve problems and improve your skills.   This workshop is appropriate for beginner to expert photographers. Participants may use any camera or smartphone. (Must have own camera or smartphone.)

Pricing: $150.00 + $25.00 per participant

Maximum number of participants: 14

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Age: High School Through Adult

 (6 two hour classes )

Since the Industrial Revolution increasing numbers of artists have made art rooted in technology. This pushes the development of technology, challenges the establishment’s notions of art, and is great fun. We will explore the origins of technological art and examine fascinating contemporary examples.

Pricing: $300 + $25.00 per student

Maximum number of students 25

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Age: 8 to Adult
(can be offered as private session or for a group.)

(2 hours) They say the best camera is the one you have with you. For most of us most of the time that is a smartphone. Fortunately smartphones are remarkably powerful photographic and video tools. Not only do they take excellent pictures they provide editing and sharing capabilities not available to traditional photographers. In this workshop you will learn to control your smartphone’s camera as you develop your photo-composition skills. You will also learn to edit your photos right on you phone and to share them with friends and family. Finally you will learn a variety of special techniques which will make your photos stand out from the crowd. For this workshop participants will need a smartphone.

Pricing: $100 + $25.00 per participant

Maximum number of participants: 14


Bristlebot Build

Age: 8 to adult (children 15 and under must be accompanied by adult)

(45 Minutes)

Guided by an Enlightened Monkey Educator, students begin to explore the principles of circuits, fabrication, and balance while creating fun motorized small robots pals using a toothbrush heads, vibrating motors, and decorations. Bristlebots will travel in circles straight lines or scoot around randomly and can be “programed” by bending the toothbrush bristles on each head. Also included is a short introduction into the world of Tech-Art.

Pricing: $60.00 + $7.00 per student

Maximum number of students: 25


Animation Workshop

Age: 6 to Teen

(2 hours) Participants will discover how math and science are used in animation and the creation of moving images by creating their own short animated loops and displaying them mechanically. They will be exposed to the biology of the eye basic geometry and physics. Animation may be as simple and as quick as drawing a single bouncing dot in twelve positions or as complicated as an individual’s drawing ability and time will allow. Participants will display their animation on a Victorian technological device called a praxinoscope.

Pricing: $100 + $5 per student

Maximum number of participants: 25


Electronics for Minions

Age: 6 to Teen

( 60  minutes) This hands-on workshop is an electronics course designed for the totally inexperienced. It focuses on fun electronics projects that can be make with very basic skills.  They have significant creative potential. Participants get a grounding in basic electronic knowledge while achieving immediately useful results.  

Pricing: Instructor: $100  and materials $3.50 per participant

Maximum number of participants: 25


Mechanics of Photography

Age: High School Through Adult (can be modified for young participants)

(2 hours)

This introductory two hour workshop will provide information useful to photographers of all levels regardless of what type of camera you use. In this hand-on class, participants will explore the technology that underlies photography and simple tools that can help them take better pictures. Participants will examine the workings of cameras, explore the light spectrum as it impacts image quality, look at how digital sensors pick up light, and other interesting camera facts. 

Pricing: $100.00

Maximum number of participants: 20

VR Headset

Celebrating the Technological Revolution

High School to Adult

(6 two hour sessions) In the 21st century a new type of art has emerged driven by cutting edge technology. What’s the history and reason for this emergency? What are the techniques used and what are the standards for aesthetics? In this class series, we will explore the best of this new breed of art. Tech Art is exciting, accessible, and fun. You can expect to be amazed, moved, and delighted! Don’t miss this opportunity to be brought into an intoxicating world of art!

Pricing: $300

and an additional $25.00 per Participant​

Maximum number of participants: 25

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Age: High School Through Adult (can be modified for young participants)

(60 minutes)  

Renowned photographer inventor and admitted murderer Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) is a character seemingly out of a Hollywood fantasy. His strange story intertwines technology adventure and social upheaval. Born in England he first came to prominence in the midst of the turmoil of the California Gold Rush. Later at the height of the Victorian era, he was able to convince the University of Pennsylvania not only to let him take hundreds of nude photos often of its students and faculty but to distribute the photos to libraries and universities throughout the Western World. His work revolutionized photography, led to the development of motion pictures, and transformed art. During this visual journey, Dave Gordon will shed light on this brilliant and bizarre adventurer who serves as a window into a time of revolutionary technological and social change helping us to gain perspective on our own rapidly evolving  and increasingly technological society.

Pricing: $200.00

​Maximum number of participants: 50

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TECH ART IN BAG (Steam education kits for groups)

Age: 8 to 14

Enlightened Monkey Arts provides you everything you need to facilitate creative STEAM projects into your arts and / or science curriculums. Appropriate for students grades 3-8, each group kit includes all materials needed for twelve students to create a great piece of Tech Art to take home, easy-to-follow instructions, lesson plan ideas, and suggested activity guide. (Enlightened Monkey Educator not included.)

Pricing: $60 -$120 (included 12 kits.)