Enlightened Monkey Arts believes promoting the tech art movement and it artists can have a profound effect the lives of tech artists as well as the communities they live in.   In some cases, our work planning major events such as the 2021 International Fractal Art Symposium, shine an international spotlight on tech art while providing important marketing and economic develop opportunities to a local communities.   Our work allow us to support individual artists through mentorship and / or paying gigs.  We actively seek to provide artists with commissioned work, short term exhibitions, event décor rental opportunities, art sales, teaching opportunities, and other related employment opportunities.  

Our ever growing portfolio of artists work with a wide range of technological disciplines including kinetic, generative, digital, fractal, plasma, light technology, electronic, digital photography, virtual reality, augmented reality, computer generated, and more. Some artist's background is based in traditional art while others have a background in engineering and science.