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Enlightened Monkey Arts
Immersive and Projection Mapped


Enlightened Monkey Arts projection mapped art tells stories, builds brand, and creates lifelong memories for your visitors and guests. We are artists who design moving murals for museums, galleries, corporations, events, and festivals. 

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What is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is the combination of art and science to create stunning images that are shaped to fit regularly and irregularly shaped objects and surfaces.

Canvases for projection mapping are limitless including buildings and walls, objects in nature, and small common objects such as cakes. Artistic creativity combined with mapping technology provides endless possibilities to mesmerize viewers with awe-inspiring experiences.

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Projection mapping offers an artistic modern solution to stale event décor. We see canvasses where you see ugly walls, entrances, and architecture. Our projected artworks are a great alternative to pipe and drape, uplighting, balloon sculptures, etc. Paintings, bookshelves, and tables present unique opportunities to create intimate projection mapped interactions. From walk-through experiences to large-scale projections to micro-moments, each artwork starts with a conversation. To create the perfect artwork for your fundraiser, wedding, personal celebration, or corporate party, we strive to understand who you are and what your event's goal is.  We will devise a projection mapping plan that meets your needs and budget and will create lasting memories for you and your guests. Let’s talk and begin telling your story.

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Commission one or mutiple projections. Our moving murals and sculptures can drive traffic, promote community pride, and foster community dialog. While we are happy to design a large-scale project for you, we also recognize that one size does not fit all occasions or contours.  Sometimes an intimate projection or multiple small projections accomplish your goals and make for a better visitor experience. In cooperation with your planner(s), we will scout the best locations to meet your needs and design artwork that promotes your theme, satisfies your public art requirements, and captures your community’s imagination. Let’s talk and begin telling your story.

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Our permanent projections offer modern artistic solutions for designers, architects, museums, galleries, and corporate and private clients. Our projection mapped creations present opportunities for branding and education while elevating visitors' or customers' experience. Working with your project/operations managers and vendors, we will design a low-maintenance artwork that meets your objectives. By replacing graphic walls, wallpaper, signs, point of sale displays, etc., our moving murals can be used to set mood, promote brand, articulate message, drive traffic to your establishment, and most importantly capture you and your guests' imagination. Let’s talk and begin telling your story.

projection mapping cakes

Cakes Just for You


Celebrating a milestone? A projection mapped cake offers the show-stopping experience you have been looking for. From elegant to fun to historical, we can create one or more “shows” that tell your story. You can commission one cake for the reception, add a special presentation just before cutting the cake and/ or one for dancing. We can create a portrait of the celebrant(s) on any size cake, real or dummy, decorated or undecorated, in any color palette, with any theme. We invest the time to learn about the individual, couple, corporation, or community in order to design the desired individualized presentation. Cakes can be created using our stock video or can incorporate custom animations, and/or your personal photographs and videos. Let's talk and begin telling your story.

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