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Projection Mapping at the 


Projection Mapping Your Event

Make an impact as your guests enter the Ora.  Our projection mapped wall can be updated with your logo, your sponsors logos, personal salutations and more.  Make the artwork your own, we can incorporate your personal photos / videos into one of our existing artworks or create completely custom piece based on you, your theme, color palette, etc. 

Lobby Projections

Option 1: Crafting bespoke artwork tailored specifically for your event is our specialty. Drawing inspiration from your mood board, theme, and discussions, Dave and Elln design a unique piece for the wood cabinet wall. Incorporating your logo, videos, photos, stock footage, and personalized animations, we ensure every element aligns with your aesthetic. From color palettes to fonts, we meticulously incorporate your input. Our aim is to deliver a captivating creation that elevates your event and resonates with your audience.

Price $3200


Option 2: Operating within a budget constraint? Keep the current projection mapped artwork while having Enlightened Monkey Arts replace all Ora branding with your logo, a personalized greeting or replace elements with your personal photos and videos.


Price: $550

Price: 550 + 110 per custom scene change up to two 8 photos or 2 videos per scene

Ballroom Projections

Experience the pinnacle of your event at The Ora with Projection Mapping. Whether you choose to highlight a single wall or envelop the entire room, our colossal projection mapped artworks, tailored to your theme and color palette, will captivate guests, and redefine your occasion. Personalize the spectacle by integrating photos or videos, creating a mesmerizing showcase. If artistry runs in the family, share still images or video of their creations, and we'll animate and seamlessly blend them into the grand projection finale.

Option 1: Ballroom Airwall or End Wall: using two projectors blended for seamless imagery: $4400

Option 2: Ballroom Section Side Walls: Includes projectable white areas of a wall in each section of the ballroom using one projector.

·         One side wall of ballroom one section: $3000 

·         Two side walls of one ballroom sections: $4500 

·         Three side walls in two ballroom sections: $6000 

·         Four Side walls in two ballroom sections: $7500  

·         Five Side Walls in three ballroom sections: $9,000 

Option 3: Full Ballroom Premium Packages:

·         All side wall and one end wall: $12,000  

·         Full Room, including all walls: $14,500

 Additional Charges: Custom animation $75 per hour 

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