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Halloween on S. LIme Ave

YOur Questions

Is there a charge for Halloween on S. Lime?  THIS EVENT IS FREE. Dave and I (Elln) believe anyone regardless of income should be able to enjoy this event. That is why Halloween on S. Lime will always be Free.

Is your event Scary?  Halloween on S. Lime is a family-friendly Halloween experience. You will not find overly grotesque displays at the event. That being said, our characters and displays may be a little scary for the youngest trick-or-treaters. For example, we do have a bloody human arm and stuffed animal rabbit being cooked on a spit. If you are worried about how your child may react, we encourage you to drive by during the day, with or without them, to ensure the display is appropriate.

Will you offer treats?  We do provide prizes at the Animatronic Shooting Gallery, This year we will have limited treats.


How long will it take to tour Halloween on S. Lime Ave?   That depends on you, your group, and how many guests we host. You can spend as little or as much time as you like at the event. There are several games to play, tombstones to read, a scavenger hunt to participate in, and displays to explore. 

             We do not expect that every guest will get to partake of every activity.  The Nert Shooting Gallery,  The King of Cartoons Storytime tunnel, Bat Pong, and the Slug Races are hugely popular and may have lines. We may have closed one or more of these attractions early to accommodate those waiting in line. 

Are there lines?  Yes, there will be lines, but Dave and I have tried to create as many opportunities for you to enjoy the display as possible. We are hoping lines and wait times will be limited. We have also created self-guided experiences and interactive that can be enjoy without standing in line.

            In most cases, we expect lines will not be much longer than three or four groups long, however, you should expect , the Slug Races, the King of Cartoon's Tunnel, and Shooting Gallery will have longer wait times. 

Where do I park?  We do not have parking on property. Parking is available on Ringing Blvd, in the Free City Parking Garage next to Payne Park and, if not too busy, Sarasota Lanes. All of which are a short walk away. There is not parking on Gull Lane or Shade Ave. Parking on S. Lime Ave is extremely limited, please do not park in front of any of our Neighbors homes or in either Lyra or Ringling apartment complexes adjacent to our home. These spaces are reserved for their residents and you may be towed. Also do not park in the fire lane on the far side of our home.

            Safety first, please use sidewalks, wait for the walk signals at traffic lights, and take small children by the hand when crossing Ringling Blvd and S. Lime Ave.

Does your neighborhood offer Trick-or-Treating?  Our neighborhood does not offer trick-or-treating. Not that we do not want to. There just have not been many children living nearby for many years.  So our community has not offered trick-or-treating in many years. If you are planning your visit on Halloween, we recommend that you plan visit before or after trick-or-treating. 

Do you have bathrooms?  Since we are a private home, we do not offer public bathrooms. We suggest that families with young children have them take care of business before they arrive. There is a gas station, a 7-eleven and Bowling Alley (Sarasota Lanes) in proximity and they do have bathrooms.

Are you disabled accessibility?  We work hard to make sure our event can be enjoyed by as many guests as possible. All out attractions this year, excluding the slug races, are accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, etc. However many are located in grassy areas, so please plan accordingly.

              For families members that may have noise sensitivity, we have worked to ensure that our attractions are not too loud, however the Animatronic Shooting Gallery does have drums in it. If you or your family member are sensitive to loud sounds, you may want to consider bringing soundproof headphones, ear plugs, etc.

Are there quiet loctions where we can go to take a time out site and wait for the rest of my family?  We offer one quieter spot where family members can relax or wait for other members of their party.   Adjacent to the pig races, we will have chairs set up where guests can relax.  Also in this area, younger vistors may enjoy making puppets while waiting for guests to arrive or finish up. Adults may enjoy relaxing on our lawn furniture. 

Where should I look for or bring lost children?  Any misplaced family members should visit the Puppet Making Station located in the Gated Yard next to the pig races. Please tell your children to meet you there if they get lost.  Have them identify themselve to the voluteer in that area as well.  


First Aid:  Basic first aid supplies are available at the Puppet Making Station. 

What is your weapons policy? We do not permit real concealed and open carry firearms, knifes, or other weapon on our  private property. Anyone violating this policy will be asked to leave. Clearly identifiable toy weapons, such as guns with orange tips, plastic knifes, etc., are permitted, however anyone found using weapons in a manner that is detrimental to our displays, volunteers, other visitors, or property will be asked to leave.

Who are Enlightened Monkey Arts and who pays to put this event on?  Dave and I, are local technology artists and Enlightened Monkey Arts is our business name.  During the rest of the year, we create projection mapped artworks for events, museums, festivals, etc.  If you are interested in learning more, check out the rest of our website. 

          Dave and I (Elln) design, build, and pay for this entire event ourselves.  We don’t host this event to make money, we do this as a service to the community. Each year, we expect that we will need to fund the entire event ourselves, but we appreciate any donations that help with the budget.  We encourage you to donate to the event. All donations are used to pay for supplies. We do not benefit financially from this event. If you are interested in donating, please visit our donation page.

Are there refreshments at Halloween on S. Lime?   In general, we will not offer refreshments, however, we are five minutes from downtown Sarasota and a five minute walk or less from several modest eateries.  The bowling alley offers dine in and take out. They offer bar style food at a reasonable price. Fresh mozzarella’s is across the street from us and offer pizza, subs and italian style entrees. Both the Bowling Alley and Fresh Mozzarell's offer dine in and take out. There is gas station that makes sandwiches and 7-eleven that a limited selection of simple hot and cold to-go meals.  Please help to keep our yard clean by disposing of all trash in the receptacle just outside the movie area.

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